Custom Direct Mail Marketing

When it comes to direct mail marketing, your mailers will need to have a clean design and message that fully communicates with your target audience. Whether you’re having a special event, seasonal sale or just need to spread the word about your business, your direct mail marketing materials should be easy-to-understand, clean and attractive. Here at Zooliad, we understand the importance of proper direct mail marketing techniques. It’s the only marketing technique that allows businesses to target the right audience with the right message, at the right time. When it comes to direct mail marketing, first impressions are everything. Not to mention, a direct mailer can often serve as an important introduction for a business or service, helping you attract potential clients. With professionally designed graphics and proven direct mail marketing services, our design experts will meet your highest standards.

Custom Direct Mail Marketing

Custom Mailers

Nowadays, marketing is becoming more and more accessible due to the increase of online marketing. Many businesses have leaned towards internet marketing that includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, blogging and much more. Most online marketing services are cost-effective and successful. However, most marketing campaigns have completely forgotten about time-tested offline methods like direct mail marketing. According to a study done by DMA, direct mail is much more effective when compared to e-mails. When direct mail is sent to a customer, it has a 3.28% higher rate of a getting a response when compared to e-mails.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Listed below are some benefits to having direct mailers sent to a customer as a marketing tool for any business or special event:

  • Stand Out – Direct mail is interactive. When a potential customer receives your mail, they’re beginning to establish a physical bond with your business; something that a simple e-mail can never achieve. Therefore, when that specific customer is thinking about purchasing your products or services, your mail is the first thing they remember.
  • Direct Targeting – One of the best advantages of direct-mail advertising is that it’s always highly targeted. For example, a small local vitamin store can order lists of specific people who purchase vitamins or other health products from their store. The business owner is then able to prepare direct mailing to reach out to targeted customers.
  • Cost-Effective – Direct mail advertisement is a cost-effective way to spread the word of your business. At Zooliad, our design experts can easily design vibrant or eye-appealing brochures and mailers at an affordable rate. If necessary, our experts can also mail out smaller quantities of direct-mail advertisements as a test run.
  • Creative Flexibility – With Zooliad’s experienced design experts, direct mail advertising is incredibly flexible. A small business can use postcards or mailers to market its products or services. From choosing color schemes, content and graphics, you’ll be able to personalize your mailing material with the help of our professionals.